Friday, July 18, 2008

What's this all about?

Call me crazy, but I made another blog...
I don't know why I feel the need to take on 100 projects at once, but I do and I love it. My life seems to only fulfill me if I have the option to hop from one project to another all day. My typical day goes like this....
Wake up and drink tea or coffee
Get my kids breakfast
Check my e-mails and other things while they are eating
Do a project with my kids or go outside, depending on weather
Lunch (I usually don't eat anything myself until around one)
Nap time for little one and rest/read time for my boy
During this time I work work work work work work work on my art, usually flitting around my house to different projects like a butterfly to different flowers
Later I do some more things with my kids, and possibly clean
Make dinner, eat, and then go back on the computer or do art while dad takes over watching the kids and bathing them. Then, the beloved BED TIME and a whole night of insomnia, staying up until 2 in the morning and working on art or the computer!
I love my life!
I run a gallery website at The Emergence Project
and I blog about my personal work and mail art at Visual Influence
and lately I started the zine, The Wandering Uterus...
But lately the Mail Art has been taking over Visual Influence, the blog of which was originally started to showcase my work and talk about my visual influences...
Now I get so much Mail Art that the majority of my posts are Mail Art--which is awesome don't get me wrong--but I just realized that is why I needed another outlet with the Zine, because I lost my place to blog about my personal art and issues.
So that is why we are here. And since The Wandering Uterus refers to misconceptions about women and their mental health issues and such, this really is the perfect place for me to talk about myself and my art and my zine.
Ta da!
Now that we have everything straighten out, and all of my different projects segmented onto different blogs and websites, we can get down to it...


Robin said...

I'm with ya! My uterus is wandering and most thought it was a euphamism for "slut" when I just meant I was getting "hysterical"!

I'm a "word artist" writer wannabe. Struggling daily to get my story "out there"!

We could be friends Sarah! Women trying to be misunderstood with artistic temperaments? Scary! (I was compared to Sylvia Plath once before I knew of her...avoided ovens ever since but "the moon and yew tree" gets me every time!)

Love this!!! You vent here...I'll vent there, perhaps the congestion of progesterone won't build up to catastrophic proprotions!

JafaBrit's Art said...

I so relate, oh yes, I sure do lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've had fun poking around your several blogs. Would love to see more posts on this one!

Bummer that I can't choose the identity I'd like--I'll have to sign in with my old blog (you just came to my new blog this morning). Could you allow more types of users to comment on your blog?

Sarah said...

Thanks for visiting, and yes I enabled anyone to comment now :)