Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I can't tell you how happy I am right now to be sitting down. This is the first break I've had (except for those few moments when I practically collapsed with exhaustion) since Friday. We moved into our new building this weekend and it was an enormous job. We had some friends and family help us, but it was still overwhelming, and still is. Everything is in boxes. I couldn't even find my deoderant this morning. I also didn't have time to take a shower because I set my alarm wrong. I'm so tired I don't even care how I look or smell. I have classes today and this was the first time I took the elevator instead of the stairs, and it was also the first time in my college career that I didn't have the assignment done. And I don't care. I can't believe I even made it to school today. My back hurts and I am losing my breath easily. I also have a cough.

And it's not going to get any easier. Tonight I have to finish cleaning my old apartment (I was there for nine hours yesterday and it still isn't done. At one point I was so tired that I went to the bathroom and forgot to zip and button my pants afterward--the worst part is I didn't realize it until about 10 minutes later) And then I have to go home and try to get a little more organized. Find my deodorant at least.

The rest of the week will entail catching up on assignments, unpacking and organizing, and then I will be fixing up this building for the next ten years. The good news is, by June, I should have the gallery up and running.


Meaghan said...

Stopped by b/c your blog has a great name! My relationship with my uterus has definitely strengthened since I beat 3b cervical cancer!

Great blog!


sarahelizabeth said...

thanks for visiting!! congrats on your battle with cancer!

Maria said...

ooh, sounds very stressful! hope you'll get organized soon.
good luck with the new apartment:)