Tuesday, November 25, 2008

designer i'd fuck

why is it that i could never run into a guy like pierre-gilles fourquie? probably because i've never been to france, and even if i were there he would probably never talk to be since i can't speak french. i've been really craving europe lately...and i've never actually been there. i would probably never want to come back.

i randomly came across this pic and i don't know why i like his look so much...

as much as i love brandon i still get attracted to other guys a lot...is that wrong? does that mean i don't really love him as much as i should? hope not.

other times i just wish that brandon were an artist--is that weird? then again that might be too much, to have two artists around. probably wouldn't work out anyway. i couldn't stand anybody that had an ego as big as mine. although it would be nice to have a man that understands art more. it's frustrating to talk to brandon sometimes--it's like talking to a freaking wall. not that he's stupid--just that he is always tired from work and doesn't have the energy to give to me when i'm manic.

i guess that's why i'm on here typing

brandon is actually hotter than this guy...but sometimes i get freaked out over the fact that i've promised to sleep only with brandon for the rest of my life. if he ever thought that way about me i'd be outraged and want to kill him...i guess that's just my double standard


The Flying Cat said...

This is simply the most adorable blog entry I've read in a while. (not just of yours, but of all the jagabillions I read)
And for the record, I probably wouldn't fuck him.

sarahelizabeth said...


WEE-HOO said...

Sarah, like the blog the rants, the raves... you keep it real. Sometimes I want something that I can't have... I've been married for 12 years... I think about the kids... what would they think of me. I couldn't break their hearts. They say in a relationship someone always loves more. That someone is not me. I rant and rave too and need extra encouragement especially when it comes to my art. I feel a kinship to you. I did that zine exchange too but like a dope--only sent 20. Hope that doesn't disqualify me... lol. The new house looks wonderful--Congrats!!

sarahelizabeth said...

thanks...you know sometimes i write on this blog and think i've shared a little too much..i've been down some wayward paths in my life and sometimes still feel the repercussions of bad decisions along the way...the whole lust thing is only momentary though...i do love brandon with all my heart.

Eleanor said...

I know what you mean, my partner is a lawyer and she tries hard to understand, but I sometimes wish she was an artist and had the free spirit attitude that I have.

I feel a bit worried, also, about the whole not sleeping with anyone else thing... I guess I've been thinking that the fantasies and longings are always more fun when they're in your head anyway?!?! You know - the reality of the longed-for is usually disappointing and far less mystical that you think it should be.

I find that I cherish the time I have to myself more.

Ugh... forever... sigh...

I am so in love, however.

Love your entries so much! Glad that someone else feels the same and has the balls to post. x

sarahelizabeth said...

thanks eleanor :) you are sooo right about longings in your head are sometimes better than realities. once there was a guy i wanted so bad...when i finally got him i felt so amazing when he wanted me too...we were together for a while and it turned out he was just a dumb fuck. he ended up sleeping with my friend and was a drunk. he was fine as hell though.