Saturday, November 22, 2008

huggin the fridge

You know, maybe it's a good thing I'm grown up now. I got a new fridge today and it makes me waaayy too happy. i mean i actually hugged my fridge. seriously. it's not that i had a bad fridge before--but we needed a new fridge for one of our rental apartments so we were looking through the paper to find a used one. and what we found was amazing--a huge wonderful great *almost* new fridge for really cheap (which is the biggest reason i'm so happy--i love saving $).

and it makes ice. how novel. (wondering if brandon will be able to figure that out any time soon though...)

so we went and got this fridge and spent half a day getting it up our stairs and such--such a pain but worth it! i still can't get over how happy i am about it. it just made me realize that i shouldn't be mad about being a grown up. because i can buy pretty appliances that make me glad i'm alive. that sounds ridiculously pathetic but its true.

and hugging fridges is really better than hugging toilets which is what i used to do

PLUS ya'll get to see the exciting contents of my fridge. i swear there are not two bottles of vodka in my's okay they were on sale.

so tomorrow we are taking the fridge we had in our place down to my studio because it's smaller and perfect for drinks and such...then taking the kinda crappy studio fridge up to the rental apartment, you know, fridge shufflin--that's how we like to spend our sundays.

i'm really glad brandon has muscles.

see--all that sadness over the past couple weeks all wiped away.

it's the little things

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