Monday, November 24, 2008

more happy things

first snow!
my kids are soooo happy. the snowpants/boots/hats/gloves selection at target was sweet.
kali's hat is my fave.

sweet stuff in the mail box today! and no bills! (oh wait..those come by e-mail now)
a new book i forgot i ordered: one off--unique retail design and sooo pretty & inspiring
mail art from texas=awesome. will post on visual influence
random knitting project
handmade x-mas cards from mew paper arts (i tried to make my own this x-mas but they look like crap. i'll send those to people i don't really like..just kidding..or am i?)

my red cabinets
putting things away in my studio and having everything micro-organized!
all those empty shelves to fill!

laundry/textile supply area, and some random knitting
on the windowsill--an old box of my dad's filled with shells, bones, and rocks

my new 8 foot, 6 inch long shelf filled with all my clear glass miscellenae
this was brandon's mothers--my kitchen thanks her

my son's room now completely clean & organized and all toys have homes. plus we found this little vintage bank yesterday
vintage globe found at goodwill for cheapo a while back
stained glass handmade by a friend of my mothers that used to babysit me

more shelves hung up, more books put away, boxes unpacked!

palm tree from the craftivism exhibition with a textile cozy assembled by faythe levine
my winterized door in the background, yay for warm kitchens
--and my first knitting project hanging out over there

the view from this chair
still trying to figure out why the snow is melting like that? it's pretty though

last night i had a mini-meltdown for about 2 hours and i really wanted to come on here and bitch about things but then i decided i can't make this blog/zine just about my ranting and raving...
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so today i went around with my crappy little camera and took some pictures of what is making me happy today

the main things are
--my house is shaping up nicely and getting uber organized, only a few boxes left to unpack
-- my studio is now up and running and makes me smile everytime i see those bright red cabinets and imagining all the possibilities. if you are ever in algoma give me a call and come do some art with me. please. i need some friends around here.
--my kids are happy it snowed and are having fun playing in it

and hey--it's almost thanksgiving! my dad, sister, and niece are coming to visit tomorrow night! yay...mmm....sweet potatoes


Eleanor said...

way to put your frustration into something constructive!

i'm enjoying reading your blog, it feels a bit vouyeristic but it's nice to read real things somethimes...

hope you're well! x

sarahelizabeth said...

everything i write on here is real