Saturday, November 29, 2008


nothing will make you feel better more than a brisk walk on a cool but bright early winter day in door county. we went to shivering sands today, a hidden treasure protected by the nature conservancy.

what brought us to door county in the first place was the nature--it is so gorgeous here, even in the winter. i love the change of the seasons. i've lived in places that were warm all the time (florida, gerogia, arizona, and california) and i really love wisconsin more than all of those places. hard to believe for some people but true...

the winters may be long and get really cold but there is nothing better than walking in a quiet woods through knee-deep snow, which will be here soon enough...nobody near...sitting on a snowbank drinking coffee--getting in a snowball fight...or cross country skiing....or climbing on ice-covered cliffs if you really need your heart pumping.

things look different, smell different, in the really clears your head.

brandon and i have decided we are going to self-publish a guide on the best spots in door county and algoma for nature, art, food, and other must-see treasures, and for the different seasons. that way when people come visit us and we are too busy with the gallery, we can at least share the best destinations with them.

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wooooow good shot !!