Monday, December 8, 2008

camera broken!

my camera broke last weekend, first i dropped it right on the lens on Thanksgiving (a bit too much bloody mary's and wine, combined with high heels, I think) and Brandon actually took it all apart, got it working again somewhat (although half the pictures were blurry for some reason) then this weekend it finally just refused to turn on..poop.

brandon went Christmas shopping for me yesterday and when he came home said, oh I have a present you need to have right away--it's important you have it now. So I'm thinking--sweet! a new camera. Nope. it was a paper shredder. he said---i shit you not--"now you can save the earth a bit more instead of waiting until after christmas" (because instead of recycling my bills and stuff with our info on it I throw them away because I had my identity stolen before yes! isn't my life wonderful???) and the other box for me looks like it might be a mixer--something i've wanted for awhile now, and the box is that size, and heavy...but i'm thinking of asking him now, so that i can exchange it for a camera....would that be awful?

ugh..actually what i really need is glasses. i've been reading all day and my eyes are sooo freaking blurry and glazed over right now. it sucks.

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Eleanor said...

Men have a habit of doing that... a shredder? Hm... I think it depends on his character as to whether you should ask to exchange it or not. Will he be terribly hurt? can't you just buy yourself a sneaky Christmas treat?

Hope you're well. x