Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I freaking hate negative people. When I was first thinking of buying the building I now own for the gallery, my in-laws were extremely negative about the entire prospect. They said, "It's a bad time" "The renovations will cost too much" "You need to finish college first" "The kids won't have a big yard" and all sorts of nonsense. It was very aggravating, and so we didn't include them in our plans at all. They were not informed about the entire months long process until we actually owned the building--so there. The one fix that they said would cost the most and devastate us were some bricks that were falling down from the back of the building. They said, "That will cost you $40,000!!!!!!!" Well....hehehehe....we got the estimate today and it's going to cost a whopping $1300!!!!! HA!

These are the same kind of people that will tell you that your dreams are not practical. They will tell you that you should work a day job. They will tell you that it's not possible, to play it safe, to not take any chances. They think you should work a soul-deadening job your whole life just so you can retire in fucking Florida. Thank god my parents were different.

My parents told me, "Of course you can be an artist" and that anything was possible if I believed in my dreams. My parents started me in violin lessons when I was three and reading books since I was four. My parents let me make my own mistakes and live my own life, never discouraging me--EVER--even when they knew I was making the wrong choice. And yeah, there were times when I had to learn the hard way, but that's what I needed. That's what made me become an independent, creative, bold person.

Whoever is telling you to NOT do something, even if it's that little voice in your head....

DON'T LISTEN! Don't let a few falling down bricks stand in your way.


WEE-HOO said...

Don't knock Florida. I get you though... my whole personal art movement is a fight with everyone I know... I'm the freak of the bunch and hearing the song of a different singer... I must follow my heart as peculiar as it might be. Thanks!

Eleanor said...

Congratulations, I'm so glad your plans are going so well. I admire everything that you've done and all the chances you've taken, and I hope with all my heart that soon the day comes when I'll have the guts to do the same. When that happens, I'll think of you. :) Eleanor. x

Anonymous said...

Not really knocking Florida, just saying that people shouldn't live for their retirement :) too many people do that, and then they die 2 years after they retire. it's so sad