Monday, August 24, 2009


i'm enjoying that this blog is my hidden little place where i can write things for the world to see and yet i feel so very alone. i don't link to this blog from anywhere. only people that read my zine, or really know me, or just happen to come across this page read what i write here. that's pretty cool.

it's like anti-press.

i just thought i'd bitch a little bit about boys. they are so freaking stupid. i've been living with mine for four years and he doesn't do shit. but we have good sex, and sometimes i think that's all we have.

it's just nice to have this little place where i can be honest. i tried to talk to him tonight but he gives me no response. i thought all day about what i would say to him, how i would express how i felt, without getting angry--just really being honest. but the only response i got was the same old excuses and then silence.

i am feeling like i do all the work and he does the bare minimum. but he doesn't really care.

sometimes i just doubt him so much. but yet the thought of him leaving makes me sick to my stomach. i do love him.

i want sour patch kids.